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13 Woman-Owned Brands From Our AWIE Community

Kate BouldCommunications Manager @ YotpoAugust 5th, 2020

Check out some of the brands we love, all built by our Amazing Women in eCommerce Honorees.

As habits continue to shift and consumers spend more time shopping online, we’re equally interested in finding new brands to learn about and support. We’re excited to recommend a few woman-owned brands, founded by Amazing Women in eCommerce Honorees.

Check out these 13 brands, not to be missed.

1. Haus

Founded by Helena Hambrecht, Haus creates all-natural, easy-to-drink, and delicious aperitifs delivered right to your door. They’re full of complex flavors and light on alcohol, making them perfect for daytime sipping, a casual Zoom happy hour, or really, anytime you like. Learn more about Helena Hambrecht here.

2. Golde

Brooklyn-born superfood health and beauty company, Golde, was founded by Trinity Mouzon Wofford. In response to a generally inaccessible modern wellness movement, Golde offers all-natural products designed with the belief that being well should feel good. Learn more about Trinity Mouzon Wofford here.

3. Fur

Looking for full-body hair care? Look no further. Fur, founded by Lillian Tung, creates clean products to hydrate skin, soften hair, and prevent ingrowns from head to toe. Their products are gentle enough for sensitive areas, yet effective for use on your entire body. Learn more about Lillian Tung here.

4. Andie Swim

For swimsuits that fit just right, Andie Swim, is there. Founded by Melanie Travis, Andie Swim’s swimwear is made to fit well, look great, and keep you comfortable for a socially distant summer day at the beach. Learn more about Melanie Travis here.

5. Private Packs

Founded by Suzanne Sinatra, Private Packs provides instant, wearable solutions for intimate area aches and pains. Soothe sensitive areas and vulvar discomfort with hot and cold personal pads. Give yourself some love! Learn more about Suzanne Sinatra here.

6. Cadenshae

Looking for stylish maternity activewear that’s both functional and comfortable? Cadenshae, founded by Nikki Clarke, offers workout-friendly, accessible, and cute activewear that’s perfect for moms-to-be. Learn more about Nikki Clarke here.

7. Sabbatical Beauty

Adeline Koh, PhD., started Sabbatical Beauty during an academic sabbatical after feeling frustrated by the beauty products she was finding on the market. Sabbatical Beauty’s products, influenced by Korean beauty trends, are small-batch handcrafted (never made in a commercial lab!) and filled with active ingredients, so they work fast and effectively. Learn more about Adeline Koh here.

8. Love Wellness

Founded by Lauren Bosworth, Love Wellness is a personal wellness brand with clean, body-positive care products designed to help you look and feel your best. With a wide range of available supplements and kits for all your self care needs, Love Wellness is cultivating a community around empowered women’s health. Learn more about Lauren Bosworth here.

9. NaturAll Club

Natural hair care brand NaturAll Club, founded by Muhga Eltigani, creates non-toxic, all-natural ingredients designed to nourish your hair and body. Their community nurtures all kinky and curly-haired women, and they offer informative blogs, host meet-ups, and more to foster support and education. Learn more about Muhga Eltigani here.

10. Bev

Created by “chicks,” including Alix Peabody, Bev is a canned wine brand that seeks to reimagine drinking culture, and instead make it more fun and engaging for all. Not only do they have great branding, but they’re also all about championing women empowerment in business. Learn more about Alix Peabody here.

11. Hero Cosmetics

Between the summer heat and wearing masks, keeping skin blemish-free has been a struggle. Hero Cosmetics, founded by Ju Rhyu, is here to help, with fast-acting acne solutions made with high-quality ingredients to keep your skin happy and healthy. Learn more about Ju Rhyu here.

12. Wild Rye

As we’re trying to spend more time outdoors, Wild Rye’s beautiful and technical mountain gear is perfect. Founded by Cassie Abel, Wild Rye offers a wide variety of comfortable and functional activewear for all seasons and outdoor mountain sports. Learn more about Cassie Abel here.

13. Summersalt

Founded by Reshma Chattaram Chamberlain, Summersalt provides designer swimwear without the designer prices. Great suits designed for your perfect fit, plus chic cover-ups and beach accessories, make Summersalt a must for your summer wardrobe. Learn more about Reshma Chattaram Chamberlain here.

To learn more about our Amazing Women in eCommerce program and Honorees, click here.

13 Woman-Owned Brands From Our AWIE Community

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